Lehigh Valley Weather

Whenever we talk about Lehigh Valley, the culture, history, and architectural beauty of this amazing city come in our mind. Another important thing that flashes in front of our eyes is the love for sports of this place. The home crowd of its baseball and soccer teams is just amazing and it lifts the spirit of the team even when it is not in a good position while playing.

Out of all, one of the key factors that make any city or town popular is its weather. The same is the case with Lehigh Valley. It is very important for tourists to know when the ideal time to visit this beautiful city is. In this article, we will discuss in brief about the possible weather pattern of Lehigh Valley.

Weather in Lehigh Valley

According to the weather reports, summers are very hot and winters are very cold in this historical city. The average temperature that you’ll experience in Lehigh Valley is between 22 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit around the year. Plus, it also remains partly cloudy throughout the year. The best time to visit this city is considered from mid-June to mid-September. During this period the weather is favorable and you can enjoy here the most.

It is very rare in Lehigh Valley that you’ll see the temperature drop below 2 degrees Fahrenheit and rise above 92 degrees Fahrenheit. While talking about Lehigh Valley weather, it is simple to say that this city has four seasons throughout the year that include summers, winters, mild spring, and fall.

February 2020 weather report of Lehigh Valley

The month of February 2020 was record-setting for this alluring place. During the course of this month, the average temperature was 39.1 degrees Celsius. Whereas, Allentown the warmest of all in the Northeast region. It was seen that this value is about 9.7 degrees Celsius above the normal temperature in this city. Above all, this month also set the record for the precipitation in Allentown with 2.07 inches of overall precipitation.

If we talk about the pattern of temperature in Allentown in the month of March, then it is expected to be cold with snowy periods with rain during the mid-month. While on the other hand, the ending of March 2020 is expected to be on a colder note.

Best time to visit Lehigh Valley

If you love a warm climate to travel, then the best period for you to visit Lehigh Valley could be June, July, and August. During these months, the average temperature during day time is around 31.6 degrees Celsius while it drops down to around 17.7 degrees Celsius at night.

If you are a party lover or carnival person and like winter more than summers, then you can’t miss the glory of this place during Christmas. During this time, you will also be able to experience activities like skiing and enjoy to the fullest.

While on the other hand for nature lovers, spring could be the best season to visit and experience colorful blooming flowers and greenery all around. The scenic view that you’ll see during the spring season will be just amazing.

Summers are always good as mentioned above. It is the best time when you can enjoy most of the outdoor activities, explore the city, and do recreational activities but still beat the heat.

Just like spring, fall also brings color all around but in a different way. The city just looks amazing during fall and it won’t be wrong to say that you can click breathtaking pictures that you might have only seen on the internet. During the fall, the temperature stays a bit cool and it is ideal for you to explore the city around. The fall season also has Lehigh Valley festivals for you that you can enjoy the most during Weekends.

The Bottom Line

It’s not just that you can explore Lehigh Valley during a particular season; it all depends upon your choice and comfort. This city looks alluring throughout the year and we must say that the weather of Lehigh Valley varies drastically and you can’t predict how it will be after some time. Snowfalls, springs, rain, and beautiful summer, every season & weather of Lehigh Valley is worth experiencing and believe us, you will love the weather here, doesn’t matter during which month you decide to visit.

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