Lehigh Valley Mall

Lehigh Valley never fails to amaze people with its rich culture, history, and architecture. This city is also a paradise for sports lovers, especially ice hockey and football. The PPL Center and Coca-Cola Park are a few of the most important and popular sports arena around the city. This place is also loved by a large number of tourists for its scenic beauty and different cuisines that are served here. 

Apart from everything, if you are looking to go shopping in the Lehigh Valley, then this city has also got a beautiful mall for you. Located in Fullerton’s community, Lehigh Valley Mall is the largest in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region. Let us dive deep into the history of this mall. 

History of Lehigh Valley Mall

This mall is said to be opened originally in the year 1976. The mall saw its first major renovation in the year 1995 when a glass elevator was installed in place of a spiral ramp. Besides this, several changes to its exterior and interior were also done to give a whole new look to its architecture. As of now, Simon Property Group manages this mall whereas the majority of stakes are with Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust. 


The mall is highly appreciated for having marvelous architecture and you will be definitely stunned by looking at its beauty. Not only locals, but tourists also praise its amazing beauty. This mall is a great place to hang out with your friends or even family in the Lehigh Valley. Just like its exterior, the interior of this mall is also pleasing that you can’t stop yourself from staring. In 2007 October, a gigantic Lifestyle Center was established in this mall which measures around 110,000 square feet. This addition gave new meaning to this mall and added to its popularity. 

What you can do here?


Just like many other malls around the globe, Lehigh Valley Mall is also a place to hang out and do shopping. Here you will find most of the major brands that you love for buying footwear, apparel, accessories, and much more. Some of the popular branded stores that you’ll find in this mall include Apple, Sephora, GAP, Disney store, Bravo, and much more. The collection of all these stores is also amazing and you’ll surely find stuff according to your preference and needs. 

It’s not only that you can do shopping here but you’ll also find some great deals in the stores that’ll make your shopping experience better. With some amazing offers, you can buy goods at a price less than their actual price. What else a shopper wants while purchasing something. If you are looking to buy some home décor item, then this mall also has a dedicated store for you to get a great deal on great products. You can easily find what you are looking for in this mall in terms of clothes, shoes, decorative items, cosmetics and much more.

For food lovers, Lehigh Valley Mall has got some popular restaurants like Bonefish Grill where you can have some delicious food that you’ll never forget. From snacks to starters to the main course, you’ll get every cuisine in this mall. This mall is also best to buy something that is newly launched. This means it’ll keep you updated about the product that is new to the market. 


If you are looking for lease space in this mall, then you might find a good one here. All you need to do is just visit its official website and look for empty spaces in this mall. You’ll find the best infrastructure here in this mall if you get lucky to have one. Plus, you can also promote your brand here by sky banners, britewalls, interior & exterior media, and Ad panels. You can’t deny that this mall is one of the best places to promote your brand in Lehigh Valley. This mall sees very high footfall on a daily basis that increases the chances of brand recognition, lead generation, and sales increase. So, it will be a great idea for you to reach a wider audience in less time by advertising in this mall. 


Not only for shopping, food, and advertisement, this mall is also known for organizing many events. Lehigh Valley Mall hosts many events annually and you can see the information about each event on its official website. Plus, if you want to reserve your seat in a particular event, that could also be done directly on this mall’s website. 

So what are you waiting for, if you are anywhere near to this mall, just go and explore it and get amazed by its architectural beauty with an amazing shopping experience.

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