Lehigh Valley Hospital

Every city around the globe must have proper systems for its citizens regarding their health. Now, when we are talking about Lehigh Valley, this city also must have multi-specialty hospitals for their people. Lehigh Valley Hospital is situated in Allentown, Pennsylvania and it is the largest one in the entire Lehigh Valley. This hospital comes under Lehigh Valley Health Network and features the latest machinery and all requirement departments concerning the health safety of people.

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)

LVHN is a very wide chain of hospitals that comprises seven hospital campuses. Out all Lehigh Valley hospital is the largest one and ranked number one for in adult specialty. Besides hospital campuses, Lehigh Valley Health Network also has clinics, imaging centers, emergency cares, clinics, and pathology centers. It’s not that LVHN has grown up suddenly, rather it was founded way back in the year 1899 and since then, it has grown to this great level. You can completely trust the services provided by this network that has gained the trust of many happy patients.

What else this health network offers?

Lehigh Valley Hospital

If you want to know about the services Lehigh Valley Health Network provides, you must visit its official website and experience. This website has got everything to make your experience wonderful. With the search bar provided on this website, you can easily search any specialist by either writing about the health problem you are facing, the name of the doctor, or directly writing the name of the specialist you are looking for. Plus, there is also a section for the locality where you are searching for the doctor. This is how the LVHN platform makes it easy for anyone to find a specialist doctor in Lehigh Valley.

Besides everything, you can also make an appointment online and save your time when you visit the hospital. Another amazing feature of LVHN’s website is that you can also pay the bill online via this platform. It won’t be wrong to say that it has created everything possible to make the patient’s experience better.  

Lehigh Valley Health Network is also known for offering video visits to the patients by which you can interact with your doctor over the phone. The most important part about video visits is that you can do it 24/7 on your smart device.

What is a video visit?

It is a form of interaction between the doctor and the patient over a video call. LVHN offers video visits round the clock and it helps treat minor illnesses like cold, cough, flu, ear pain, sore throat, seasonal allergies, & muscle pain, skin problems like animal bite & rashes, and muscle & bone pain like sprains & neck pain. Who would have thought that technology will evolve so much that instead of visiting personally people will interact with the doctors virtually over a video call? There is also no doubt that video visits are as effective as in-person visits.

Mission of LVHN

The aim of Lehigh Valley Health Network is to provide better treatment for people suffering from various health issues. This network offers various services like hospitals, clinics, emergency centers, and testing & imaging centers.

What is ExpressCARE by LVHN?

It is a great initiative that was started by Lehigh Valley Health Network in which patients do not require any appointments. It is a walk-in care center that is open 365 days a year and you can visit this center for any health problem. What else one can look for in a hospital. LVHN ExpressCARE centers are present at several locations in the Lehigh Valley to assist citizens residing in different parts of the city.

Services offered

Till now you might have got an idea about the services LVHN offers in Lehigh Valley for patients. But we will explain it for your better understanding. Lehigh Valley Health Network is known to offer almost all specialist doctors to ensure better treatment, fast recovery, and minimal to no side effects of treatment or drugs. The key areas that you’ll find with LVHN include emergency care, primary care, ExpressCARE, specialty care, video visits, rehabilitation, testing & imaging, and pediatrics video visits.

There is no harm or shame in saying again that LVHN has made its services keeping ease of patients in mind. It has created such a platform that provides outstanding features of video visits, web-based bill payments, area-wise specialist search, and ExpressCARE.

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