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The world is full of amazing places that one can visit and have leisure time and Lehigh Valley is one of those places. This destination is undoubtedly one of the best places across the globe and that is the reason why people love it so much. If you have planned or are planning to explore Lehigh Valley this vacation, then it could be the best choice for you. Here are some beautiful reasons that will make your trip to Lehigh Valley memorable.

History and culture

Discover Lehigh Valley is known for its rich culture and history, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity. Bethlehem, a place in Lehigh Valley is considered tentative for world heritage destinations and has roots from over 300 years. It is believed that the earliest mention of this place (Bethlehem) was in 1350-1330 BCE. Now you can imagine how historical this place is. Hoover Mason Trestle is another place in Lehigh Valley that will take you back in time. This is an elevated linear park that will give you insights into very famous Bethlehem Steel. It was once a rail line that was used for the transportation of raw materials. This Trestle has roots back from the 1900s as it was built around 1905 and it is believed that the construction work was completed in the year 1907. Besides, exploring Lehigh Valley could also tell about Colonial life and believe us that it will be fascinating.

Extreme activities

Another reason why you should visit Lehigh valley is adventurous activities. From skiing to cycling, you will find everything here and believe us, it’ll be great fun for you to experience. There are several dedicated centers for enjoying sports activities that you can visit and one of them is the Velodrome, a dedicated cycling destination for cycling lovers. This is just an example; there are many you can enjoy. Some amazing places you will find here for skiing, camping, mountain climbing, and of course biking as well.

Besides, if you love the royal game Golf, Lehigh Valley has some beautiful golf clubs as well for you.

Delicious cuisines

We must say that Lehigh Valley has got everything for you, be it adventurous activities, beautiful sightseeing, or the food. Yes, we just said ‘food.’ There are many restaurants out there in Lehigh Valley that will serve you some of the delicious cuisines across the globe. It’s not just that we are saying it, numerous travelers have experienced it.

Not only restaurants but street food is also famous in Lehigh Valley and that is the big reason for foodies to explore Lehigh Valley at least once. Be it a sandwich, pizza, dessert, or any sweet dish, everything is there for you at this place. To get the best experience, one thing that you can do is prior research about the best places where you can enjoy mouthwatering food.

Apart from all, if you want to get boozed up just check-in to any pub or bar and enjoy your evening with a mug of beer or a glass of wine.

Events and festival

As we are saying again & again that there are numerous reasons for you to explore Lehigh Valley at least once in your life. Another reason that we have been able to find is some amazing events & festivals that take place here every year. Now, when we have talked about events & festivals, how can we forget about the astounding American music festival known as ‘Musikfest’ that is organized every year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania since the year 1984. Another important fest that takes place annually in Lehigh Valley is PABaconFest. In this fest, more than 150 vendors take part along with some music artists for enjoyment. There is no doubt that BaconFest is very popular but we must say that it is more famous among food lovers and farmers.

There are several other annual events that you’ll love to experience in Lehigh Valley including Garlic Fest and Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem. These events give you a strong reason to be here in Lehigh Valley.


For party lovers, the nightlife is highly important and if you want to enjoy it at the best, then Lehigh Valley could be your place. And we will advise you to spend some quality time in Wind Creek Bethlehem casino where you can play, eat, drink, and most importantly enjoy. One thing you must know is that it will be impossible for you to completely explore Wind Creek Bethlehem in one night. And with that information, you can imagine how interesting it will be for you to be at this place.

Besides, there are many other night clubs and bars that you can visit to enjoy the nightlife in Lehigh Valley. Some of them are Broadway Social, Sands Bethlehem & Vision Bar, and Corked Wine Bar and Steak House, all in Bethlehem.

Farm and you

If you wish to have your own little farm to grow healthy & delicious fruits & vegetables for you then you must visit Lehigh Valley’s very famous Easton Famer’s Market. No, we didn’t mean by saying this is that you can own your farm, what we mean is that you can purchase farm fresh products from this market and enjoy the delicacy that you prepare using them. Here you will have the liberty to choose from numerous vendors. We must say that this is the place you must visit while traveling to Lehigh Valley.

The Bottom Line

There are many places across the world that you can choose to spend your vacations at and there are many reasons to explore those. But when we talk about Lehigh Valley, it is one such place where you can enjoy your family holiday or even a long outing with your friends. This place is capable enough to offer you things according to your interests. Whether you are an archeologist, adventure lover, foodie, or even a greenie, Lehigh Valley has got something special for you.

All in all, you must at least visit this beautiful place once in your life and we must say that after visiting once, you’ll be tempted to explore Lehigh Valley more and will make a plan again with your family or even friends.

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