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The Craigslist Lehigh Valley Jobs of the United States Census Bureau, Lehigh Valley is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world that one must visit. This valley is known for its rich culture & history and marvelous natural beauty. There are many places in Lehigh Valley that you must visit while traveling to this amazing city. Apart from its architectural beauty and delicious cuisines, Lehigh Valley is also known for the love it shows to many sports that are played here. 

This city hosts many games like baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, wrestling, hockey, and much more. Lehigh Valley also has several sports teams including Lehigh Valley IronPigs and Philadelphia Phantoms. You would love to enjoy any of the games that are played here and the way the crowd supports its home team is just speechless. Just like all cities across the globe, Lehigh Valley also has several jobs that people do here. Let us look at some of these jobs.

Jobs in Lehigh Valley

  • Administrative Assistant

Anyone looking to apply for this Craigslist Lehigh Valley Jobs is responsible for doing administrative duties and managing overall agency operations. Supervision of all clerical work will also be the duty of administrative assistant. Apart from other requirements, if you want to apply for being an administrative assistant, you must have 1-year experience as a staff assistant to an administrative officer. 

  • Part-time stocker

If you are looking for a part-time work on Craigslist Lehigh Valley Jobs? then this stocker job could be for you. The average time you are required to give this job could be less than 25 hours per week. If you chose to do this job, then your responsibilities will be managing the inventory, product merchandising, looking for products sold, maintaining the proper stock, and keeping the store in the best possible condition. Besides, you might have to pack or unpack the items to keep the product shelves well-managed. Plus, you will be required to handle machineries that are there in the store by meeting all safety guidelines. 

  • Merchandiser

Anyone who wants to do a merchandiser job will be required to visit from the store to store and sell the company’s products. You will be required to ensure that products are fresh and customers coming to respective stores are able to see that product. You will be assigned to the locations where you have to deliver the products. Your work profile might also include weekends and public holidays and might have to give delivery in all weather conditions.

  • Store associate

The average working hours for this job could be 32 to 40 hours per week. As a store associate, you will be responsible for managing and supervising everything in the store. Your duty will be to merchandise products, ensure good assistance to customers, manage inventory, ensure that shelves are filled with each product category that is there in the stock, and much more. You must also be required to maintain the security & confidentiality of documents and follow all rules & regulations as stated by the company.

  • Receptionist

The minimum qualification you are required to apply for this job is a high school diploma. As a receptionist, your roles & responsibilities will be to greet customers, assist them with what they need, providing them with the relevant information, and ensure their satisfaction level. As a receptionist, you will also be required to answer calls over the phone and assist people on the other side in making appointments or whatever queries they have. The average time that you’ve might have to give for this job could be 40 hours per week.

  • Clerk typist

The most common work that a clerk typist will be required to do is clerical. This job will also include administrative tasks. As a clerk typist, you will also be required to maintain records, do process paperwork, maintain computer databases and other related duties. There are certain requirements that you are required to fulfill to apply for this job. The requirements could be different from company to company and you must check them properly before applying.

These are some popular jobs in Lehigh Valley that people look for. All these jobs offer a decent payout and have fixed working hours. For extra work hours, you might be get paid extra than the fixed salary. But, before applying any of these jobs you are required to carefully read the eligibility criteria, experience, and qualification section to avoid being disappointed due to incomplete documentation.

To find Craigslist Lehigh Valley Jobs, you are not required to go anywhere. What you need to do is visit Lehigh Valley Craigslist website and search for the job you are looking for in a particular area as per your convenience and choice. Before we sign off, let us see in brief about the craigslist.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a website where you will everything you are looking for in Lehigh Valley or any other particular region. Craigslist is not only limited to finding a job for you rather it is helpful in many other ways. You can post your resume on the craigslist for potential employers to search for you and contact you for the right job. If you want any service or product, just visit craigslist website and enter what you want and which area of Lehigh Valley you are looking it, you’ll get it at the best possible price. Even if you want to sell a product or service, craigslist is one of the best platforms that you can use. Just post what you want to sell and which area, you’ll get the potential buyers very soon.

Craigslist Lehigh Valley Jobs, you can also read the local news, views of people on various topics, and discussions of people in various niche. To experience what actually craigslist is, you need to visit the website at least once and see how helpful it is for you.

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